Exploring Craft Beer Styles at Freefall Brewery

Hello, beer enthusiasts and casual sippers alike! Today, we’re taking an enlightening journey into the diverse universe of craft beer styles. Whether you adore the robust flavors of stouts or prefer the crisp refreshment of lagers, Freefall Brewery has a craft brew for you. Let’s delve deeper into the history, uniqueness, and our own special offerings in the world of craft beer styles!

1. Lager: The Cool, Crisp Craft Classic

History & Brewing Process: Originating from Central Europe, lagers are celebrated for their refined brewing technique which involves colder fermentation temperatures and longer storage times—hence the name from the German "lagern" for "to store." This method results in a cleaner, crisper beer that is beautifully balanced.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: Lagers are versatile, ranging from light pilsners to dark dunkels. Each style presents a smooth, crisp finish that can showcase a range from subtle bitterness to sweet malts.🍺

Try Our Peppered Amber Lager: Elevating the classic lager profile with a dash of pepper, this brew combines a traditional malty base with a surprising spice that makes each sip an intriguing experience.

2. Ale: A Versatile Craft Favorite

History & Brewing Process: Ales are among the oldest types of beers, utilizing top fermentation at warmer temperatures which speeds up fermentation and yields a wide variety of flavors and aromas. The craft of brewing ales allows for experimentation, leading to the broad spectrum of ale types seen today.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: Ales can vary dramatically, encompassing everything from the light and zesty blondes to the dark and mysterious stouts.🍺 Try Our Summer Blonde: This craft ale captures the essence of summer with its vibrant, fruity undertones and a smooth finish, making it a refreshing choice for any ale lover.

3. Stout and Porter: Dark Craft Delights

History & Brewing Process: These beers originated in Britain and were initially considered the same, with "stout" meaning a stronger version of porter. Today, stouts and porters are brewed with roasted malt or barley which gives them their iconic dark color and rich flavor.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: Known for their deep, complex flavors, these beers often include notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel.🍺 Try Our Salted Caramel Coffee Stout: This stout combines the rich bitterness of coffee with the sweet decadence of caramel and a hint of salt, creating a layered drinking experience that's robust and rewarding.

4. IPA (India Pale Ale): The Craft Beer Icon

History & Brewing Process: Developed for the long voyage from England to India, IPAs were made with high levels of hops which act as a natural preservative. This historical necessity has evolved into a flavor preference, making IPAs a cornerstone of craft brewing.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: IPAs are renowned for their strong hop character, ranging from bitter to highly aromatic with floral, citrus, and pine notes.🍺 Try Our Black IPA: This innovative brew blends the aggressive hoppy profile of a traditional IPA with the rich, malty characteristics of darker beers, offering a unique twist on two beloved styles.

5. Wheat Beer: A Light Craft Tradition

History & Brewing Process: Wheat beers are particularly notable in German and Belgian brewing traditions. They often include a high proportion of wheat compared to barley, which lends the beer a light, cloudy appearance and a smooth palate.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: These beers are typically refreshing, with flavors ranging from spicy to fruity.🍺 Try Our Jenny Jenny Hef: A superb example of a wheat beer with an American twist, it features the traditional smoothness of wheat with subtle notes of spice and fruit, perfect for quenching thirst on a hot day.

6. Sour Beers: The Craft of Complexity

History & Brewing Process: Sour beers are created through spontaneous fermentation, allowing wild yeast strains or bacteria to influence the flavor, making each batch unique. This process harkens back to ancient brewing techniques.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: These beers are celebrated for their complexity and range from mildly tart to profoundly sour.🍺 Stay tuned for our rotating sour brews: Always crafted with creativity, each new release offers a fresh and tangy flavor profile that explores the rich diversity of sour beers.

7. Seasonal and Specialty Beers: Craft Creativity Unleashed

History & Brewing Process: Utilizing seasonal ingredients or experimental brewing techniques, these beers reflect the innovation at the heart of craft brewing. They are often produced in limited batches to highlight unique flavors or celebratory themes.

Characteristics & Freefall's Offering: Each beer is a reflection of the season, providing drinkers with an evolving palette that adapts throughout the year.🍺 Try Our PK Pilsner and Spring Whiteout: The PK Pilsner is a nod to classic craft brewing techniques with its clean and sharp flavors, while the Spring Whiteout is a celebration of spring's vibrant energy with its hazy, hoppy profile.


Exploring the world of craft beer styles at Freefall Brewery offers more than just a range of flavors—it’s an adventure into the history and art of brewing. Each sip tells a story of tradition and innovation.