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WElcome to Freefall Brewery & Audrey's Pizza!

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Family Owned & Operated.
6th Generation Montana.

woman making Pizza at bozeman brewery and bozeman pizza restraunt Freefall Brewing

Our story is really quite simple. Here at Freefall Brewery and Audrey’s Pizza Oven, we are not only a family owned and operated business, but we are a family. Our roots in Montana span 6 generations, and our inspiration for our restaurants is simple: Create great memories around great food and drinks.

We make our dough every day, just like Audrey did it. We put tons of love, care and hard work in every pizza, sandwich, salad, beer or treat we make. There’s no such thing as perfection, but we strive for it every day and we feel like we are pretty darn close!

Our community of past and present customers makes us proud to continue sharing our passion for tradition, and flavor. Join us for your next meal and enjoy our positive and inviting environment that has been crafted and refined since the 1960’s.

Hope to see you soon!

Stop in and see us for hoppy hour!
2-5pm wed-Sun

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Fish is one of the most wholesome foods that man can eat. In fact, people have been eating fish throughout human history. These days, many cooks yearn to add fish to their repertoire, but the whole process of cleaning and filleting fresh fish is a little scary to them. The process of cleaning and filleting fresh fish is relatively simple once the steps are understood.  To begin, you must clean your fresh fish properly in order to maintain it’s quality.

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Fish is one of the most wholesome foods that man can eat. In fact, people have been eating fish throughout human history.

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Founder of Bozeman Pizza spot Audrey's Pizza

AUDREY's - The Original Bozeman Pizza Restraunt

Audrey Anderson is the original founder of Audrey’s Pizza Oven, and our mentor. Audrey was a colorful and feisty character, whose life experiences and lessons still echo in the memories of many local residents. Almost anyone who lived in the valley from 1960 to the 1990s can tell you a tale of their experience at Audrey’s Pizza Oven, or with Audrey herself. “Hey Jude” on the jukebox, to bank deposits covered in flour.

Audrey was an icon, and we are blessed with memories and reminders of her character and determination as we continue on where she left off by creating memories and feeding future generations to come. Audrey passed in 1996 at the grand age of 88, and her love of meeting new people is still with us, as we welcome you to her experience, her restaurant, in her honor, Audrey’s Pizza Oven.

What's Cooking?
head brewer bill at Bozeman Brewery Freefall brewing

Head Breewer of our Award Winning Bozeman Brewery

William “Bill” Coffey is the Head Brewer at Freefall Brewery. Bill started brewing with his father at 14 years old, when there were less than 20 microbreweries in the USA. He became Head Brewer when he was 18 years old, with his beer selling in 15 states and 6 countries. 

In order to gather more knowledge he studied “Fermentation Science” at UC Davis. In 1994 he opened his own brewery, which at the age of 24  made him the youngest brewery owner at the time. He eventually made his way back home and became the Head Quality Controller for Pyramid Brewery, and went on to become the owner of several breweries.

The whole Freefall team is extremely excited to have Bill here sharing his experience with our brewers so we can make amazing Microbrews for everyone to come in and try. We look forward to seeing you!

806 N 7th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715
806 N 7th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715

Legendary craft Beer & Iconic Pizza. The authentic Bozeman Brewery Experience.

Nestled on 7th avenue our Bozeman brewery invites you to experience a fusion of local tradition and culinary innovation. Freefall Brewing brings back Bozeman's Iconic Audrey's Pizza to be experienced by the next generation of Bozeman locals.

Audrey's was the original Bozeman Pizza restraunt. Each pizza is a tribute to the legacy and tradition that our city holds dear.

But don't stop there—pair your pizza with one of our carefully brewed beers. From the most refreshing lagers to rich stouts, the selection surely will present the perfect pair to any pizza and palate. Even if you aren't a beer fan you, Freefall Brewing features house crafted routating seltzers.

We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that feels like home, a place where every guest is treated to unparalleled hospitality and quality. Our team is dedicated to sharing their passion for brewing and cooking, ensuring that every dish and drink served is a testament to our commitment to excellence. As you plan your visit, remember that at our bozeman brewery, we're not just serving meals and drinks; we're offering an experience that embodies the soul of Bozeman. Whether it's through the historic flavors of our pizzas or the innovative profiles of our beers, our goal is to provide a taste of what makes our city truly special.

Let's raise a glass to the enduring legacy and vibrant future of Bozeman, together at Freefall Brewery. Here, you're not just a customer; you're part of our community. We can't wait to welcome you and share the best of what Bozeman has to offer.

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12pm - 8pm
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